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Pose of the Week: Marichyasana 3

This week’s pose is Marichyasana 3. It is a seated twist named after the Sage Marichi, the son of Brahma. Marichi literally means a ray of light either from the moon or the sun. Asana = pose/posture.

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Pose of the Week: Salamba Sirsasana

This week’s pose is Salamba Sirsasana. Salamba = with support (that is, using the arms), Sirs = head, Asana= pose/posture. We call it Headstand, some call it Head Balance, but ultimately it is known as the King of Poses.

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Pose of the Week: Sukhasana/Swastikasana

This week the pose is Sukhasana or alternatively named Swastikasana. Sukh= Easy. Swastika= good fortune or well-being, it is a sacred symbol of harmony in Hinduism and Buddhism. Asana= pose/posture. I refer to it as Easy Crossed Leg Position.

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