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  • Do you love yoga?
  • Would you like the opportunity to express and communicate with others that love of yoga?
  • Do you want the unique opportunity to learn through one-on-one teacher/student apprenticeship?
  • Want to join a vibrant community of teachers whose knowledge is formed by their own Sadhana (practice experience)?
  • BKS Iyengar writes in The Tree of Yoga:

“You can only give what you yourself have experienced.  If you wish to help others through the healing power of yoga you have to put yourself at the service of the art and then through experience gain understanding.”  

Nicole Schroeter, at Yoga Path, is offering training to become an Iyengar Yoga Teacher through mentorship.  The mentorship program is designed to promote the teaching of the Iyengar method of Yoga and follows the guidelines set by Yogacharya BKS Iyengar and the Iyengar family, in Pune, India, with certification in Australia by the Association, Iyengar Yoga Australia.  During a meeting, in Pune, in December 2017 Geeta Iyengar directed that the integrity of the Iyengar name should be upheld by providing higher quality training in the form of mentorships, rather than on-masse teacher training courses.

Nicole Schroeter, has been teaching, practicing and studying yoga for approx. 20 years.  Nicole currently holds certified Level 3 Iyengar Yoga Teacher Trainer certification.  This certification level requires the success at 5 assessment levels, 4 trips to India to study with the Iyengar family, 2 years mentorship with senior teacher, Mark Gibson, and on-going professional development with Australian senior teachers.  Her passion for the subject ignites her classes and inspires her students.  In 2006, Yoga Path was established by Nicole, in Newport, Victoria.  She has a particular interest in developing the skills to communicate yoga, both verbally and through body language.  Complementing her knowledge of yogic Philosophy, Nicole majored in Philosophy at LaTrobe University, Bachelor of Arts.

Iyengar Yoga is a practice-based system.  Learning to become a teacher involves serious commitment to the art, science and philosophy of yoga.  This includes having a daily practice of asana and pranayama, based on the study of texts and teachings as passed down by BKS Iyengar.  This mentorship program is created to meet the training requirements of Iyengar Yoga Australia in The Teaching Certification Handbook.

BKS Iyengar is considered one of the most acknowledged and influential teachers of yoga in the last century.  He is considered the father of modern yoga.  His approach is based on experimentation in the postural practice, that is really the cornerstone of much of the yoga taught today.  It is through this path of practice that we gain knowledge and truly learn about ourselves.

Iyengar Yoga is different to other forms of Yoga by the vigorous internationally standardised assessments.  These assessments are generally held biannually in Melbourne and other Australian capital cities.  The process at assessment ensures only competent teachers are qualified.  This maintains the integrity, quality and vitality of the Iyengar Yoga community.

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