Pose of the Week: Tadasana

Some of Yoga Path Beginners learning Tadasana on the left and on the right, Mr BKS Iyengar in Tadasana/Samastiti from Light on Yoga (1965}.

Dr Geeta Iyengar:

  • Join your toes/the outer edge of your big toes together even though your heels might turn slightly out
  • Keep the bottom of the feet spread well
  • Press the heel area and search the bone
  • Extend from the heel to the toes forward
  • Open from the centre of the ball of the foot to the sides
  • No folding in the ball of the foot, this is the same in the standing asana, it is a very tricky area that holds tight and stops you from lengthening the body up
  • Pressuring the big toe you have to elongate to the sides
  • Small toe extends forward
  • Open the chest and extend the arms down and see the thighs are held firm.

These are techniques that were given on the day she was teaching, there are many more. Essentially they are just instructions to find that equilibrium in your body. To attend to its variety of idiosyncrasies we need to go in and search for how we really are. Because that’s really the point.

We start on the outside, the outer layer of our being, to work out where our body is and how it’s positioned. Then like peeling an onion we begin to delve further inside to eventually find our Self.

So next time you’re in Tadasana ask yourself what is it really that you’re feeling. Go searching and see what you find……

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