Pose of the Week: Trikonasana

This week’s pose of the week is Trikonasana. As you may know Trikon means triangle. So it’s triangle pose.  But where exactly is the triangle/s? Actually the full name of the pose is Utthita Trikonasana, so it’s an extended triangle.

The photo of BKS Iyengar gives you the precise indication of where these triangles are. It makes for a seriously geometric asana.

How do we get our Trikonasana to look like this?  Well, you know I’m going to say firstly… practice! Secondly, proper technique:  we need to straighten our legs and arms, as we looked at in last week’s pose of the week – Tadasana.  So Tadasana is in the Trikonasana.

And the spine needs to rotate, or does it?

If you can get the outer hip muscles and outer knee muscles (on the back leg) to actively lengthen, then the pelvis tilts sideways over the front leg and then the spine elongates to the side. If these muscles can’t lengthen, the pelvis won’t move much, and the spine bends to the side. So you won’t get that horizontal line as shown in Mr Iyengar’s photo.

In the above photo where I am demonstrating to the Tuesday night beginners, I’m using support of the wall and the ropes to get access to that back hip and leg, and to prevent the torso ‘dropping’ onto the front leg.

Remember in all the asanas (poses) the priority is to maintain a balanced space in all the joints rather than over-doing a particular area.

Tom and I look forward to seeing you in class and working on your Trikonasana.

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