Our Teaching Method

Tom and I are certified Iyengar Yoga teachers. 

 In our process there is a focus on correct positioning and alignment in the poses. 
This alignment brings balance – in the body and also in the mind.
For you to find that point of balance our directions are specific and concise. 
These poses (or Asanas – in Sanskrit) are always under investigation while you’re on the mat. 
We carefully watch you to ensure you’re understanding what we’re telling you. 
In fact our method is for you to learn Yoga, not just the physical side of yoga (what you do on the mat) but all aspects. BKS Iyengar – the founder of Iyengar Yoga – describes yoga as an art, philosophy, and a science. 
It really is the science of paying attention.
We guide you into yoga depending on your needs or specific requirements, particularly if you have any injuries or conditions that may affect your practice. So you need to keep us up to date with your health – you can add this to your info on your Punchpass account.  Sometimes we will adapt the pose for you or give you a different pose to help you.
We help you to understand by demonstrating on our bodies so you can get a visual on what we are explaining.
We ask that you listen carefully and watch our demonstrations.
Occasionally we may help you into a pose by using physical adjustments. We also ask first whether you’re ok for this to happen. If you’re not comfortable with it we respect your position. 
We teach using a variety of props, such as blocks, a belt, a chair and the wall (amongst others) to help develop stability and gain better access to the pose.
There is a point to what we are doing – not to just have a good stretch. You have to do it to experience its effects.
We use Sanskrit to quickly and succinct identify the poses. You don’t need to know Sanskrit but you’ll find you learn the names of poses in Sanskrit along the journey on your Yoga path.
We chant 3 Om’s at the beginning of all classes to bring us to a unified and directed point. From Intro L1 and onwards you will also chant the Invocation to Patanjali and symbolise and acknowledge the heritage of Yoga.
At the beginning of each class we start in a quietening lying down (supine) position to signify the point where your practice starts.
At the end of each class you do a short relaxation called Savasana where you get to lie down.